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Nan Creative Space



The tourism is another tool in preserving culture and wisdom of Nan Province through activities Creative Space, which is the use of existing things to be creatively developed. to generate income Along with the integration of community knowledge, craftsmen, artists and new generation designers. that uses creativity and design as an important tool create new possibilities that are still conservative keep the original Create value and value, which activities in Creative Space are part of the development of Nan Province., in order to reach international standards In terms of being a network of creative cities by UNESCO. which will allow people around the world to know about Nan Province better and would like to visit Come and learn deeply about Nan's way of life. Make living in Nan province more. which will result in generating more income in Nan Province


An activity for hand-made products, woven fabrics, silverware, basketry workshops, making lanterns, writing city tickets, making pork intestine buns, drawing and painting watercolors. weaving jewelry fabric pattern design Community Chef's Food and Dessert Contest, Click here

Nan Riverside Art Gallery: Nan Riverside Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Nan town. The gallery showcases the work of local and regional artists and hosts various exhibitions throughout the year. Visitors can view and purchase the art on display or attend one of the gallery's workshops or events. Click 

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