Suay Dokmai Making


Suay Dokmai Making

Suay Dokmai is making flower cones that use banana leaves to curl into a slender cone, containing flowers, incense sticks, and candles to be used as offerings to the sacred things that one has revered.

There is a decorated of a cone, known as a beautiful kab, with flowers that tourists can decorate as they like in order to collect details to add refinement to the beautiful flowers because Lanna people believe that objects taken as offerings must be done carefully, exquisite and beautiful flower making activities Tourists can experience and DIY themselves.

It doesn't take much time, Both men and women can do it. When finished, they should bring it to pay homage to the monks for their own merit and pride., Creating awareness of preserving Lanna culture is an activity that opens up a profound experience for tourists as well.

A beautiful flowers carefully arranged to offer to the monks It is similar to bringing lotus or orchid flowers to pay homage to monks that are seen mostly. Suay Dok is the roll of banana leaves into a cone shape. Decorate with various folds of the cladding, then arrange the flowers as you like. Everyone can make beautiful flowers.

It will be difficult at first when learning and practicing making kab. Because it has to be meticulous in folding banana leaves. But if you concentrate and calm down Whether it's an elephant's ears, a rabbit's ears, a parrot's beak, and all sorts of other things, it will come out beautifully. Definitely not beyond everyone's abilities.

Half day with local Artist : 120 baht [equipment included]

Contact information: 081-0826881

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