Let get to know and learn Ancient Characters.


Let get to know and learn Ancient Characters.

The Lanna Kingdom was a state in northern Thailand that existed from the 13th to the 18th centuries. The language used in the Lanna Kingdom was a variant of the Tai language family, and the writing system used was a script called "Lanna," also known as "Tai Tham" or "Tham."

The Lanna script is an abugida, meaning that each consonant has an inherent vowel sound, which can be modified by diacritic marks to indicate other vowel sounds. The script is written from left to right, with no spaces between words. It is similar to the scripts used in other Tai-speaking regions, such as the Tai Lue and Tai Dam scripts.

Lanna script was primarily used for religious texts, including Buddhist manuscripts and inscriptions, as well as for official documents and literary works. It was also used for everyday communication among the people of the Lanna Kingdom.

Today, the Lanna script is no longer widely used in Thailand, but it is still preserved in some religious texts and manuscripts. There are also efforts to revive the use of the script, particularly among the Tai Lue people in northern Thailand and Laos.

Khun Boonchot Sale-on, the philosopher, Transfer knowledge to tourists to practice writing. Practice reading Lanna characters until fluency, Then write on the satchel as a souvenir that can be reused as well., Activities that are regarded as glorifying the coffin, preserving, rehabilitating, and inheriting Lanna scriptures or city ticket It can be regarded as the alphabet of the mother language of the Lanna people and the wisdom of the scholars.

It is unique and the highest character of the North used to write the teachings and rituals of Buddhism, stone inscriptions, history, astrology, mangrai law. Law of the Kingdom of Nan City knowledge of religion Textbook of various herbal medicines Folktales and valuable literary works of Lanna scholars

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