The 2023 SALA SILP Call for Applications is open to Local Artisan Through the Specific Buddhist art Stucco Works to the Product Design Workshop.,

Nan province, located in northern Thailand, possesses several unique characteristics that make it a potential candidate for inclusion in the Creative City Network.

Buddhist-based Learning Center of Sangdao Temple is located in Phu Phiang district, the northeastern of Nan city.

Doi Silver Museum, a hilltribe silverware museum in Pua Valley. Learn about hill tribe culture through the silver jewelry used by the Yao hill tribe people in their daily lives at this small museum in Nan province.

Mien embroidered fabric is a traditional textile art form that is highly prized in Thailand for its beauty and craftsmanship.

The Mien tribe in Thailand is known for its rich cultural heritage, including their unique handicrafts, such as silverware. The Mien people are renowned for their traditional silverwork,

'Weaving' Local Wisdom, a hobby in leisure time from agriculture of Sao Luang villagers

Phra That refers to a Buddhist stupa, which is a dome-shaped structure that serves as a monument to the Buddha's teachings and to commemorate important events in his life.

here are many ways that young people can be a part of a creative city

The Boat Racing Festival in Nan province is a water festival held annually in Nan province

Silverware making is the process of crafting utensils and other household items made from silver or silver-plated materials. It involves a variety of techniques such as casting, forging, and polishing to create beautiful and functional objects.

The terrain is mountainous with a creek flowing through Ban Tam is therefore rich in bamboo forests, Born into a heritage of wickerwork that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Takong fabric, a fabric that has been passed down from generation to generation

Kom Matao (Kom Matao), cultural heritage of the Nan people Made to offer as an offering to the Buddha and enhance the prosperity.

The Earthenware Is a tool that has a relationship associated with the way of life of the Lanna people intimately for a long time Because pottery is an educational tool for history,

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