Doi Silver Museum, a hilltribe silverware museum


Doi Silver Museum, a hilltribe silverware museum

Doi Silver Museum, a hilltribe silverware museum in Pua Valley. Learn about hill tribe culture through the silver jewelry used by the Yao hill tribe people in their daily lives at this small museum in Nan province.

Nan is a province that has been known for producing silverware for a long time. Especially hill tribe silverware that is very unique. but even so The information that tells the history of hill tribe silverware is rarely seen. Fortunately, in this latest trip, we had the opportunity to visit Doi Silver Museum or Doi Silver Museum of Silverware in Pua District. That made us learn and understand the history of hill tribe silverware in Nan province more.

Mr. Pimporn Rungrachatawanich Vice President of Doi Silver Co., Ltd. tells about the history of the Doi Silver brand. It is a brand founded by a family of silversmiths from the Yao or Yumian tribes. Her husband, Khun Somchai, is considered the fourth-generation heir to continue the art of silver making. Somchai's father and uncle used to offer work in Chitralada Garden. and followed Her Majesty the Queen in the reign of King Rama 9 for many years before returning to take care of the family and bring knowledge about making silverware from various provinces in Thailand to combine with traditional wisdom

Doi Silver Museum A compact museum located in front of Doi Silver's factory. tells the history of the Yao hill tribe silverware Through the exhibition of silverware and various utensils Khun Pimporn said, “At first, almost everyone of the Yao tribe used silverware. We collect money instead of cash And the silverware is bound to the life of the Yao tribe from birth to death. Any house with a son must prepare silver bracelets as engagement bracelets. On the wedding day, the bride will wear a gorgeous silver veil. if the daughter-in-law is pregnant The mother-in-law would then embroider the family's silverware and pin it on the back. When the child was born, the first gift was this cloth and a hat decorated with silver as well. time of death A good outfit that usually has silverware, it will also be carried to the next world. As for the houses that have a little wealth, they will make silver nails driven into the coffin. enough to collect if any son can collect Parents want it to be auspicious. If you can't find it, it means that you have blocked your eyes from seeing. Or are you angry with us for something? Which must perform a ceremony to ask for forgiveness The Yao tribe attaches great importance to gratitude. We believe that silver is a sacred metal. used to treat disease If sick, take off the bracelet to rub. But there is a process. Adding egg whites, shallots, cloths and money will help suck the toxins out of the body.”

In addition to the accessories that are used in everyday life. One of the symbols of the Yao tribe is a keel necklace worn on important days. Doi Silver itself has reproduced the traditional keel necklace to create modern jewelry. and exported to the United States And other countries as well Another interesting highlight is a copy of the royal letter from King Pingwang of China. specified that the Yao people can settle on hills that no one has yet occupied and do not have to pay tribute Because the Yao ancestors had helped King Pingwang defeat his enemies. He therefore bestowed a woman to marry. and bestowed land for farming The story of the origin of the Yao tribe is also told through the pattern of the embroidery of the Yao people as well.

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