The 1st UNESCO Creative Cities Network on Tribal Crafts and Folk Arts (UNESCO Creative Cities Network) UCCN Symposium for Tribal Crafts and Folk Arts


The 1st UNESCO Creative Cities Network on Tribal Crafts and Folk Arts (UNESCO Creative Cities Network) UCCN Symposium for Tribal Crafts and Folk Arts

Mr. Wiboon Waewbundit, Governor of Nan Province, Mr. Kritphet Petchaburanin, Deputy Governor of Nan Province with DASTA Special Area Office 6, Naresuan University., Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), Nan Provincial Administrative Organization and network partners Organized the International Conference on Creative Cities Network The 1st UNESCO Creative Cities Network on Tribal Crafts and Folk Arts (UNESCO Creative Cities Network) UCCN Symposium for Tribal Crafts and Folk Arts on February 4, 2023 at Nan Boutique Hotel and Resort, Nan Province.

Mr. Wiboon Waewbandit, Governor of Nan Province Assigned Mr. Kritphet Petchaburanin, Deputy Governor of Nan Province as a delegate to open the international conference, said according to the vision of Nan Province "City of Happiness" creative economy perfect nature prosperous agriculture strong community Sustainable Tourism” Nan has natural resources that are culturally attractive. and lifestyle in the old city, including culture and ethnic art and handicrafts There is a community that together preserves the beautiful culture of Nan in a strong and natural way. Although we have many ethnicities living together in Nan city. And initiated to drive Nan to become a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). Over the past 3-4 years, we have aimed to organize activities to drive the achievement of the Creative Cities Network's goals. which is in line with the development goals of Nan as well Both in promoting the preservation and dissemination of works of art and culture. for both communities and entrepreneurs in Nan to start building a creative economy develop personnel skills in local handicrafts started to develop a variety of products Use new innovations appropriately to raise the standard of products and services that build on Nan's arts and culture to international standards. For this reason, we are trying to combine cooperation with cities both domestically and internationally In order to work together with a more Co-benefit network

With academic cooperation and co-driven from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Witiya Pittangnapho Naresuan University who is an expert and experienced in driving Thailand's creative cities It has studied and formulated 6 strategies to drive the city, covering all-round urban development that responds to the goals of the creative city as a guideline for sustainable development or SDG, which is Strategy 1: Creative Economy Development. Strategy 2: Development of potential and creative skills Strategy 3: Creating Opportunities and Learning Strategy 4: The continuation and creation of handicraft and folk art wisdom Strategy 5: Development of Infrastructure and Facilities to Support Creative City of Nan Strategy 6: Communication and network development of creative cities in handicrafts and folk arts by initiating project activities in Nan Under the framework of concepts or themes, there are 3 issues, namely handicrafts and folk arts of Nan that are linked to 3 dimensions, which are

1. Handicrafts and folk arts connecting rivers
2. Handicrafts and folk arts linking cultures
3. Handicrafts and folk arts linked to agriculture

Mrs. Suparada Kandisayakul, acting as the Special Area Office Manager 6, Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization) added that DASTA has promoted and developed Nan City. to be a city that is ready for handicrafts and folk arts by promoting And extending wisdom to create new works according to the creative city development guidelines of UNESCO and to see the serious operation and acknowledge the valuable arts and culture of various wisdom inherited for a long time by organizing a creative city network meeting The 1st UNESCO Creative Cities Network for Tribal Crafts and Folk Arts; South Korea, Hanoi, Vietnam, Ambon, Indonesia, Paducah, USA, Weifang, China, and York, United Kingdom. together with representatives from the network of creative cities in 5 cities in Thailand, namely Phuket, Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, Bangkok and Phetchaburi attended the online meeting by Nan, a city preparing to apply for membership in the Creative Cities Network. had the opportunity to present guidelines for driving creative cities as well as dissemination of intellectual heritage Valuable local handicrafts for members of the Creative Cities Network around the world to get to know more

In addition, there are also DASTA executives from other special area offices, such as Colonel Navin Preechapanichayakul. Special Area Office Manager 4, Mr. Veerawit Chantavarang, acting as Deputy Manager of Special Area Office 4, Mr. Somjin Chankrabi, Special Area Office Manager 7, and Mr. Somkiat Amnuaysuwan attended the meeting to exchange experiences and opinions as well.

However, if you would like more information or ask for more information, please contact the Special Area Office 6 (DASTA) No. 241 Moo 8 Ban Don Sawan, Pha Sing Sub-district, Mueang Nan District, Nan 55000, Telephone 054-718-680 – 2, Fax 054-719-. 681 Electronic mail Website

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