the UNESCO Creative Cities Network


the UNESCO Creative Cities Network

The Creative Cities Network currently contains 295 cities from 90 different nations, according to Manager of Special Area Office ุ6, There will be discussions and gatherings in the 5 cities in Thailand where they are now taking place, making the Thai people And Nan people who already know Nan will have the chance to learn that Nan is a real place in Thailand, in addition to the other 295 cities across the world. The city is in the north. And the old city is still alive. The Nan Province is a cultural city, which visitors to Thailand will notice in addition to the 290 cities. There is one more province in Nan besides the well-known city,

to prepared for the province of Nan, but the collection of documents is still processing and encourage them to take on more formal status.

The time has arrived for DASTA 6 to act in two situations:

  1. Getting ready to recount the history of the Nan people. As a formal document, it defines the Nan people's organizational structure. In accordance with the condition that few words are born in English,
  2. To raise awareness of the fact that everyone supports one another in their endeavors. What part does each person play? What are the people's obligations? What are the responsibilities of the government? What function does the private sector serve? After that, we teamed up to develop the region.

for that nation There are 5 cities in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network: Sukhothai Province, Bangkok City of Creative Design, Phuket Food Creative City, Chiang Mai Province, Creative City of Handicrafts and Folk Art, and Phetchaburi Province Food Creative City The cities that DASTA has successfully promoted and been chosen as a network of creative cities are Sukhothai and Phetchaburi. Pattaya is a film-creative city, whereas Nan Province is known for its handicrafts and traditional arts. the application period for 2023

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