Development Nan Youth Club.


Development Nan Youth Club.


DNYC or Development Nan Youth Club is a group of secondary students in Nan Province.

This group of youth with different skills gather together to use their spare time effectively by using social media as a tool to communicate what they do with people. The social media is used for spreading their works and activities in Nan during the past couple of years in form of captioned pictures and videos. Their variety contents are inspired by the concept of Nan being an ‘Old living city’. By this reason, the contents are mostly relating to the stories of local wisdom experts, artists, their involvement in ‘Creative Space’ development activities. The youth were trained to upgrade their skills for developing products and designing media relation for Nan’s creative city events.

Creative space activity is a driver for Nan creative city development during the last few years. The youth were taking important role in designing and managing use of space both public and private spaces under environmental concern by supporting use of natural food container and garbage classification idea to minimize negative impact after the event has ended as social responsibility is the first priority for all events’ arrangement.

What is creative city for youth?


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