Yao passport..the longest in the world


Yao passport..the longest in the world

Yao passport..the longest in the world...Kia Sen Pong, King Pingwang's letter used for self-defense For traveling over the mountains permanent edition

Ajarn Kawen Srisombat, the owner of Phu Langka Resort. A member of the Ew Mien Ethnic Wisdom Knowledge Network of Thailand is a recipient of a passport inherited from ancestors The master was a descendant of the 5th generation clan leader.

The teacher told me that "The Passport Over the Mountains" or as most people call it. The longest passport in the world received from Pingwang Emperor who was the thirteenth emperor of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty And it is a legendary passport for hundreds of years. On this long passport written in chinese with illustrations and has the emperor's red seal

Ping Wang Emperor has issued this passport to her daughter to travel to build a city and grant amnesty to the Yao people who had fought in the past There is a message in the passport that says Get on the boat without having to pay for the boat. Going anywhere that is not a farmland, the villagers can make a living. The descendants who are born are exempt from military service. It is a royal decree. If any governor sees this royal decree, he must obey it. When the daughter gave birth to 12 children, he gave all 12 names from the name to become his surname. The Yao tribe has a total of 12 clans in the 12 clans are distributed in eastern China. And have 12 passports given to all 12 clans for carrying along wherever they go.

Later, the group fled from China. Will be the holder of the book and the royal seal as well The Yao tribe brought three passports into Thailand. The first was at Ban Mai Rom Yen, which was originally a fighting area. The military ordered the delivery of the letter. But the tribal leaders were afraid and burned it. No. 2 was bought by Japan. The Japanese can read all the letters in the book and say that they are like their ancestors and the 3rd edition is with Ajarn Kawen Srisombut, so only one edition remains today.

The teacher said Great-grandfather said that the original passport, if you want to open it, you must ask for permission first. because it is a royal letter, not a common man's book must light incense and candles for permission to open Those who can see it must be a group of graduates. Because if the villagers seem to have misread, mistranslated, misunderstood the royal decree, the only remaining passport in Thailand, this one, belongs to the family name Tang, imported into Thailand. This book is the original, complete book. and has a seal And said that there are many in China, but they are copies without stamps. This passport is therefore important for the Yao people. is the continuation of history Stories and rights granted Each year, the Yao people will see this passport only once, which is on New Year's Day.

If anyone wants to see this longest passport in the world. In addition, Phu Langka Resort is also a very beautiful spot to see the misty sea of Doi Phu Langka. It is another Unseen Thailand that should not be missed to visit.

for more information from Achan Kawen Srisombat.
Leader of the Yao (Mien) community, Phu Lang Ka, Pong District, Phayao Province, Tel.087-1864552

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