The Boat Racing Festival


The Boat Racing Festival

The Boat Racing Festival in Nan province is a water festival held annually in Nan province, located in the northern part of Thailand. The festival features boat races on the Nan River and is an opportunity for locals and visitors to showcase their skills and compete against each other.

The boat races feature various types of boats, including long-tail boats, two-rowed boats, long boats, round boats, and paddled long boats. There are different categories of races based on the type of boat, age, and gender of the participants. The festival also includes a traditional boat procession and a parade, where locals dress up in traditional costumes and display their culture.

In addition to the boat races, the festival also features various cultural activities such as a local fair, live music performances, traditional dance shows, and food stalls serving local delicacies. The festival is usually held in October and is a great opportunity for visitors to experience the local culture and enjoy the festivities. The Boat Racing Festival in Nan province is a unique and exciting event that is worth visiting.

Nan identity boat

Nan boat race It is an old tradition that has been continued since ancient times. In whichever village arranges for lottery tickets, the village must be invited. and nearby temples to bring boats to compete for fun and unity At present, important matches are held during the lottery festival of Wat Phra That Chang Kham Worawihan. around September to October of every year

The identity of Nan's boats is unlike any other province in Thailand. They are dug from a whole tree. The head of the boat (the boat's head) is in the shape of a serpent and the vine's tail (the tail of the boat) is in the shape of a swan's tail. Naga is believed to be sacred. to make it rain fertile, able to farm according to the season

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