The sound of gongs, the sound of drums.


The sound of gongs, the sound of drums.

“Mueang Nan” was originally a small city-state. With a age of building the city for more than 700 years, there are many historical stories appearing. It is the center of arts and culture of the Eastern Lanna region. There is a distinctive art and culture that is unique to the region. both in architecture, sculpture, and various arts as well as customs beautiful traditions including performing arts

Nan people have a local proverb that has been passed down from generation to generation. Nan's own celestial voices are "the sound of gongs, the sound of drums", "the sound of looking at rice" (the sound of mortars pounding rice) and "the sound of Tu Chao An Dhamma" (the sound of monks chanting Dharma). These three sounds are consistent with to allow those who hear the picture of the heavenly city to be splendid, that is, as long as the Brahman contemplatives continue to teach morality and purify the mind strictly and as long as the sound of gongs, fanfare and "worship drums" still resonate as a Buddha worship at all times Until then, the country will always prosper as a heavenly city.

Klong Bucha (Puja), one of the heavenly sounds of Nan. It has been a temple drum in the Lanna Kingdom since ancient times. Used to hit the Buddha and various traditions. Klong Bucha has a unique beating in 2 styles, namely the beating of the Buddha Bucha style. It is a beating that uses a big gong (Mong), gong Oui (Hui), a small gong, Sawa (Cymbal) and a flickchai beating. It is a beating that uses Sae wood to beat, so the worship drum is a cultural heritage of Nan. historic It should be worth preserving inheritance. and restore it to be a cultural identity and pass it on to future generations

The city of Nan today is still the center of the Eastern Lanna Land that is regarded as a source of rich cultural heritage. All are outstanding tourism resources worthy of admiration. It is a dream destination for many tourists. And the people of Nan, as the owners of the rich culture, are still determined to work together to preserve this heavenly sound to resonate with Nan in a sustainable manner.

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