Paper-cutting in Nan Province.


Paper-cutting in Nan Province.

Paper and stencil
Paperwork in Nan Province It is a handicraft used for traditional work. Rituals according to the beliefs of each area and practiced for a long time Including nowadays paper work is used as a handicraft used to decorate the building and place to create the beauty of each area. which has the types of paper work in Nan province as follows

Mulberry paper
Sa paper is a native paper that has been handed down for many generations. It is a paper made from the pulp of the Sa tree. It can be used for many purposes, such as making a notebook called folding sa for recording prayers. Buddhist scriptures and texts In addition, it is also used in various local works of art such as lanterns to worship Tung to offer as offerings to the Lord Buddha, etc.

Tungkha King
Tung Kha King is an outstanding handicraft of the Wat Phra Kerd Community, Nai Wiang Subdistrict, Mueang Nan District. It is a tung used in exorcism ceremonies. and investigate the destiny of life According to the belief of the Lanna people that Tung is a stairway to heaven. To offer as an offering to the Buddha, believing that bringing Tung to offer to monks will allow the deceased to climb the Tung to free from the misfortune that has happened in the past. including the use of exorcism Investigate the destiny for a long life.

Making Tung Kha King It is a long, narrow shape. Tung is popularly made of white mulberry paper. It uses paper that has been cut into images of angels to have the same height as the body of the person to be offered or have a unique appearance according to that person. Open the paper into a beautiful pattern with silver paper and gold paper. Or it is a must (engraved) mulberry paper and attach a picture of the zodiac year of the person's birth year to be offered into the Tung Kha King as well. Then bring it to the temple as a blessing according to the belief that there will be a long life.

lantern or Lanna lantern It is a type of handicraft that is widely produced and used in the northern areas. The format will vary according to geographical features. people's way of life including the preferences of people in each area or originated from the wisdom of the ancestors that have been passed down from generation to generation Nowadays, Lanna people use it in various ceremonies. Especially the Yi Peng Festival (Loi Krathong) by lighting candles and lanterns to pay homage to the Lord Buddha. with the belief that the light from the lantern will help to illuminate the way of life prosper Stay cool and happy forever.

lanterns of Nan In general, the form and use are similar to other Lanna lanterns. But with local artisans, they have created or adapted to become a characteristic that is unique to the local area of Nan. It was told by Phra Palad Witsanu Yanmethi, Phra Chedi Temple, Du Tai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nan Province, who said that this style of lantern-making was inherited from the elders from Pua District, Nan Province. This has a main structure that uses sharpened bamboo as a line. And coiled into a circle to be used as a lamp face. At the mouth of the lamp, all 4 corners will be added with bamboo poles. and bring pork fillings to hang at the end of the pole At the end of the paper-cut lantern is a decorative line throughout. Until becoming a local characteristic that is difficult to find successors today

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