Takong fabric


Takong fabric


Takong fabric, a fabric that has been passed down from generation to generation with patterns in the fabric reflecting through the community way of life because every time farmers weave Takong, they will feel that their grandparents in the past are always with them.

Therefore, Takong cloth is not just an ordinary cloth, square table tight weave pattern in a straight line It shows that the weavers are meticulous. a woman ready to marry It is a gift between a woman, a man, a mother and a child, and between family members.

Today, Takong weaving is still the thing that binds people in the community to come out and meet each other. Asking each other's well-being is another pride that has transformed into an activity for tourists to have the opportunity to experience. and is a valuable souvenir to buy.

At present, Takong weaving fabrics have been developed in many forms, including satchel bags, shirts, curtains, tablecloths, and bed sheets. Tourists can learn weaving activities by themselves and feel the pride of the Takong fabric identity that holds the Na Sao community through. The small but strong threads of this kind of fabric.

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