Kom Matao (Kom Matao)


Kom Matao (Kom Matao)


Kom Matao (Kom Matao), cultural heritage of the Nan people Made to offer as an offering to the Buddha and enhance the prosperity. At present, many lanterns have been used. Both decorated in temples, homes, and tourist attractions.

There are 4 types of general lanterns: hand-held lanterns or rabbit ears lanterns, floating lanterns, hanging lanterns, and standing lanterns. (Ma Tao lantern) is classified as a hanging lantern.

Also known as Kom Thammachak, it means enlightenment in the Dharma, rectangular shape round shape like a gourd or watermelon patterns used for decoration It is the Pram Yam pattern, derived from the word Vajra, believed to be the weapon of Lord Indra. It can be used to drive away evil and protect. There are also various patterns, such as the zodiac, rabbit patterns, decorated on all 4 sides, so it is believed that it can prevent bad things in all 4 directions for making matao lanterns. It is said that couples who do it together will love each other even more.

It is like making a lamp to guide the love of both, bright and smooth, safe from various obstacles. (Lantern Ma Tao) counts the community activities of Muang Tut Subdistrict. which teaches from the first step how to hone the wood, form the structure, paste mulberry paper, and decorate with gold paper until the last step is taken to offer at Wat Phra That Chae Haeng This activity is popular with couples, family, friends, or as souvenirs. Household ornaments are considered to be another valuable gift of Nan.

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