The gold leaf adornment of Buddhist


The gold leaf adornment of Buddhist

Lacquered, covered with gold or word pattern

The gold leaf adornment of Buddhist buildings consists of pictures of the former Lord Buddha. Flora, angel and Himmapan animal patterns

There are two types of wordmarks:

1. Word pattern with a stencil pattern by covering the stencil with gold leaf. It is commonly used with patterns that are repeated on the roof structure. or behind the main Buddha image, such as the image of the former Buddha Flora and angel pattern

2. Scratch pattern or Hi-Lai word pattern. It is gilding the stencil and scraping the line on the area already covered with gold leaf. This scraping technique It is a technique that is similar to the pattern making of lacquerware containers called “Hai Dok”, which is decorated with a sharp iron slit.

Which requires a lot of expertise in order not to cause the line to be too deep until the rubber rak cracks or too soft until making it difficult to see the pattern which is a technique for making Wua Lai lacquerware

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