Decorative stucco work on the arch of the Wats


Decorative stucco work on the arch of the Wats

Decorative stucco work on the arch of Wat Phra That Chae Haeng, Phra Aram Luang

There is a unique design of the stucco work decorating the arch by adopting a distinctive pattern from the use of Naga as a decorative pattern. which is different from the nature and pattern of creating arches in general in Lanna art For the uniqueness of the decoration of this temple is

Stucco decoration of the temple It is a stucco work of Nagas decorated with 8 naga arches strung together in a triangular shape. which is interpolated with 7 lotus buds

In addition, the stucco work adorns this temple. Naga symbols are also used to decorate the roof, both Cho Fa and Pan Lom. Especially in that set of Chofah. The roof has stucco molding in the shape of a naga stretching its body along the roof ridge. By using the tail of the Naga around Chor Fah to bring the tail together yet

The middle point, then use the tail end to make a noose loop in the middle of the roof ridge. which used to be the location of Prasat Fuang on the roof of a common Lanna temple It is considered that the use of a distinctive art form in terms of the design of the Buddhist buildings of Nan has become a clear identity.

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