The prow of the racing boat in Nan.


The prow of the racing boat in Nan.

Nan has a boat race to build unity between villages. In the past, it was made to worship the sky and rain. After that, it is a tradition that has been practiced for hundreds of years. It is a competition that connects unity and fun. Held during the flood season, in the "Tan Koui Salak" festival, Nan boats are unique like no other. It's a slow dredger.

The body will use the whole log. The prow is made in the shape of a great serpent or serpent. Raised a graceful neck, mouth open, fangs curled high. Attach a tassel to hang the head and tail all over the body. Adorned with stained glass, alternating patterns in a wonderful way. Lacquered and gilded beautifully from tradition has become an activity that allows tourists to participate in writing a model ship prow. The bow style still retains the original identity. Use teak wood and jackfruit wood, which are auspicious wood and use auspicious colors such as gold, green, red to create enjoyment and fun. More importantly, it takes a fair amount of concentration, so it's a challenge to paint the bow to make it look beautiful.

When finished writing, can be taken back to the refrigerator at home because there is a magnetic strip on the back To remind that once you have come to do good activities at Ban Muang Tut Paint the bow of the unique boat of Nan.

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