Bo Suak pattern weaving.


Bo Suak pattern weaving.

Bo Suak pattern weaving workshop at Ban Sao Luang. Learn how to weave the unique culture of the Bo Suak community.

It is a cloth pattern carved from a sculpture pasted on a pot mouth jar that was excavated in an ancient kiln community site. It is believed that the Bo Suak pattern cloth will bring wealth and prosperity to those who wear it. There are also stories of other ancient weaving patterns of Nan that tourists can learn from the first process. is growing cotton and collecting organic cotton flowers Including the production of yarn and weaving.

Through the storytelling of the imagination reflected through the fabric Paint colors on the yarn. Paint the craftsmanship with meticulousness. It is a masterpiece of craftsmanship woven into a variety of fabrics, including Yok Dok pattern fabric, Kham Kheb pattern fabric, and Bo Suak pattern hand-woven fabric. which are all woven with the spirit through the stories on the fabric of the community which is known as one of the most cloth producers in Nan

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