Conceptual of LOGO Design

In the Lanna Tham script, the word Nan represents the cultural heritage of the language. Including Lanna folk traditions and culture that have been passed down for a long time.

Pu Man Yah Man
One of the paintings on the wall of the ubosot of Wat Phumin. Whispering love around the world It is a famous painting that is often used as a symbol of Nan and is an example of creating a good art work.

Upper bow
Circles, curves, arcs, convey fluidity. Independence of the creation of works of art that have evolved. constantly expanding parts The logo represents the variety of works and the creativity of the creators of that art work.

The lines convey the work of weaving and handicrafts well. This type of work is the traditional wisdom of the Nan people. both wicker work from various materials Pottery, metal work, etc.

Woven Fabric
Nan weaving cloth It is one of the very distinctive identities with patterns, colors, silk, quality cotton, weaving techniques based on traditional wisdom such as Tai Lue woven cloth, etc. When thinking of Nan, one must think of woven cloth at the top of the list.


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